Introduction Edit

Arlzdort, rose in the ranks and promoted to an Overseer by Cravar, or as the troll calls him "Big Fire Boss". He is the troll racial leader and representative of the Clan. He has been serving the greater good for the Horde and establishing relations in the other cities.

Information from the Past Edit

He was paid a visit by an older orc who knew his name. He went by Kulgorak Stormfang, a long time ago when he was rescued by a mixed band of races in the Stranglethorn Vale when he was a child, he recognized the face on an orc. It was Kulgorak who was there. He shed light to him that they are transporting a visitor by ship to Orgrimmar and he is needed to indentify him. He performed heinous crimes on Horde members, and they need Arlzdort's assistance.

Arlzdort is unaware who or what this prisoner may be. But he called upon his clansmen to assist him in this missive.