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The Chieftain-Past Edit

At the age of seventeen, Cravar Thundersplitter became a gladiator in the Ring of Trials, and would eventually fight in the ring of blood, and earn the title "Blood Champion". He became Chieftain when his father, Ukzfur Thundersplitter, fell ill, under unknown reasons. He'd eventually have to lead his clan into Azeroth, where they reside at the current moment.


The Chieftain-Present Edit

The Chieftain currently has made his home in the village of Sun Rock Retreat, in the Stonetalon Mountains (The village of his clan). This half Mag'har can be quite respectful and calm, but he is not to be messed with. He and his Clan attempt to make the Horde a better place for every race.(Damn it! I didn't want that to rhyme.)