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Lore-Introduction Edit

The Firelord Clan has many interesting lore moments. For example, the Ogre Invasion of Clan Watch, or the Sun Rock Retreat Celebration.

Clan Lore: From Outlands to Azeroth Edit

Long ago, in the icy hills of Frostfire Ridge lived the Firelord Clan, together they would hunt the Garn and trade with the Frostwolves. They lived a peaceful life until Draenor became what we know as "Outland". Frostfire was torn apart, and so the Clan moved to Nagrand. They set up their villages around the Ring of Blood and the Ring of Trials, and were known for their victorious gladiators. The Firelord's started raiding the Ogres living nearby until one moon-lit night, the Ogres plotted revenge. Hundreds, upon hundreds of Ogres flooded over Nagrand's hills. They torched the villages to ash and rubble. The remnants of the Clan assembled and decided that they couldn't live within Outland anymore, that they had to move on... And so they did. They marched through the Dark Portal, and met with the Darkspear Trolls, who would lend them aid, food, and shelter within the tiny village of Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon.