Ukzfur Thundersplitter: Introduction Edit

Ukzfur Thundersplitter, father of Cravar Thundersplitter, is an Orcish Shaman of the Firelord Clan. Though no one has seen him in many, many years, it is said that he still might be on Outland, but this has not been proven. The last time he was spotted was in the hills of Nagrand, by Cravar. Cravar explained to Farseer Dusa'mag "He looked very pale, almost ill... We just kept walking along the rolling hills, and I called out for him, but he did not answer. He glanced toward me, snarling, and then began to run."

The Death of Ukzfur Edit

Gorimar Hellcleaver was responsible for the death of Ukzfur Thundersplitter, the father of Cravar Thundersplitter. Ukzfur had gone mad, and had to be brought to justice. A funeral has been held for him in Nagrand, near "Clan Watch", one of the first Firelord villages built in Nagrand.